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27 July
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Married, college graduate, unemployed itinerant. Chief obsessions are Star Wars, The Phantom of the Opera, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and the Titanic (the ship, not the movie, thanks so much). Also: acting, movies, music, reading, writing, gaming, Photoshopping.

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Most Underappreciated/Underrated Muse That People Should Read (Honorable Mention), Winter 2008 Tammy Awards
"I'd Hit That!" Hottie – Sexual Appeal, Female (Nominee), Summer 2009 Tammy Awards
Best Sexual Roleplaying, Individual, Female (Nominee), Summer 2009 Tammy Awards
Lying, Scheming, Backstabbing, No Good Dirty Dog Award, Female (Nominee), Summer 2009 Tammy Awards
Canon Roleplay Muse of the Year - Supporting Character, Female (Nominee), Summer 2009 Tammy Awards
Villain of Doom!, Female (Nominee), Summer 2009 Tammy Awards
Nutjob Muse of the Year, Female (Nominee), Summer 2009 Tammy Awards

Best Writing/Portrayal of A Supporting Character (Male), Television - Medical (Nominee), Summer 2008 Tammy Awards
Male Visual Sleaze - Best Kept Beard (Honorable Mention), Winter 2009 Tammy Awards
Muse You Most Want to See Tasered and Brutalized (Honorable Mention), Winter 2009 Tammy Awards

Outstanding Writing In Roleplaying (Honorable Mention), Summer 2008 Tammy Awards
Oustanding Original Character Roleplayer (Honorable Mention), Summer 2008 Tammy Awards

False Advertiser of the Year - All Talk, No Action Award (Honorable Mention), Summer 2009 Tammy Awards
Couple You Most Want To See (with speedster_girl)(Nominee), Summer 2009 Tammy Awards
Couple You Never Want To See (with heroslayer)(Nominee), Summer 2009 Tammy Awards

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